Volume VI is coming Fall 2017

IV is the song of the caged bird, the bronzed kiss of the sun, carrying a psalm of creators, and illuminating the beauty that exists already. The lineage of storytelling, and the souls pollinating each other, has grown deep like the rivers – long and proud, evergreen and ever present, like the weaving of the ivy.

Ivies grow in the harshest of environments, just like the beautiful psalms and stories standing the tests of time and struggle. Like an I.V. filled with nourishments of our ancestor’s sweat and tears, these stories are the lifeline to the essence of creators everywhere, an escape, a sanctuary, an awakening, the hieroglyphics on the walls of our hearts and souls. IV’s raw otherworldliness exists between the villages of Woke and Wakanda.

It’s a documented snapshot in time, budding in the deepest most passionate curiosities of our own Paradise Lost, IV.