John Holyfield

John Holyfield

Harambee (Swahili, noun): let us all pull together

Our haram.bee sessions are the bringing together of people, a vibe session where we commune and gather together as a small community to share, laugh, inspire, and levitate our thinking, dipped in that old school soul vibe, and doused with the oils of our natural essence.

It’s a family gathering, a village fellowship. It can manifest into: live art, poetry, music or plays; music listening parties; home-cooked potlucks; wine and food tastings; movie screenings and discussion; networking opportunities; knowledge drop sessions; game nights; state of the culture discussions; and more. 

In the spirit of harambee and as importance as saving the bees is to saving our planet, is the collective black spirit to saving our communities, our happiness, our vibes, our futures – even as forbidden or unlikely as it may seem in the current climate and environment.

We are open to collaborating with like-vibed brands. The first communion is coming Fall 2017.