The first revival is coming for 8 days, starting April 1, 2018
to Cartagena, Colombia.

A ‘feel.trip’ is a sojourn for the mind, body, and soul. This is a feeling, a ‘trip’ – like a high, a euphoria that you get from one of our sojourns that your soul has been stirring for. These will captivate the catalyst raging in your genes, and transport you in our Mecca of creative stardust for black dopeness, wokeness, wander, and electric energy. 

This is the salvation from broken promises of an America we can’t even get justice in, baptized in black folk magic, coconut oils, and the tears of our ancestors whose only travel stories wrought a complete and utter rape of entire generations for a few bundles of cotton, tobacco, and some damn sugar. We reach these elevated states of euphoria through: 



Like repotting a flower into a garden, or releasing a caged animal into the wild, explore a revival of your true black, creative self. The 8-day travel retreats are only to places with special ties, meaning and offering to black folk. It’s what a family vacation would look like with like-vibed black creatives, traveling together and becoming a small village.



Like a spa day for your soul, these retreats are an exploration and discovery, focusing on the blossoming of the spirit with yoga, wellness, and creation.