What is Black Village?

Black village (BLK VLG) is a multi-faceted manifestation of black culture, creativity, discovery, ascension, and connection. It’s a beautiful level up for an entire people of creators. An altar for dreams; the communion of imagination, it’s the seed breaking through with revival after several lifetimes of drought and suppression. It’s an incubator, a journey, a womb, a community, a lifeline. It’s a Tulsa, a Seneca, a Weeksville, a ’20s Harlem, a ‘70s Bronx, all bundled up in one place, one space, one vision. We are kin and kindred, we vibrate and ascend together. We are a collective platform, a Garden, an Apple, a Red Pill, a birthing of the future of magical black togetherness.

The Village has six parts: the stories; the people; the trading shop; the creations; the communions; and the sojourns.


Who is Black Village?

Black Village was founded in passion, purpose, culture, good vibes, old school black folk togetherness, African kola nuts, and shea butters by nicole camack & ciara bird.


Who else is Black Village?

Black Villagers are of African lineage, of creative spirit, rooted in soul feelings, with a desire to connect to something more, deeper, bigger. They have soul & skill. They have magic & madness. They have good vibes and a desire to vibrate higher. They are creative cousins, kindreds. They gather and fellowship at Black Village events, retreats and travel; their stories are in the publication; their businesses thrive with the agency help; their products are curated in the traveling market; and some of their business endeavors are depicted and shared in the collective. 


Where is Black Village?

It’s everywhere black people are black peopling.


How is Black Village made up?

We have 6 manifestations/brands. Within each of these ‘areas’ of the village, we are able to give back to the black community and helping it to thrive by way of:

  • curated products – traveling through cities and events, which help flow economic wealth through and retain it within the black community;  
  • stories – which help us learn about each other
  • communions – which help us come together and get inspired, learn, laugh and enjoy time with each other
  • collective – which helps us find each other to help each other, in true village spirit
  • agency – which help us build more, and more efficient black-owned businesses and entrepreneurship opportunities
  • sojourns – which help us douse the community with opportunities for self-care and reinvigoration during such exhausting times

We believe we are our own best assets, and we want to provide a platform for that to grow.


Why was Black Village created?

Black Village was created from a nagging stirring for more, in the depths of our souls – it’s an exhale – a celebration waiting to happen; it’s freedom and wings. It’s a place to bask in the womb of self-discovery and celebrate a newfound feeling of being more and more alive with each new thing you try, new soul connection you make, new place you are transformed to, literally and spiritually. It’s a place to relish in the growth that happens when you’re taken out of your routine and comfort zone and have everything you’ve ever known arsoned and lit with a rebirth of black vigor and perspective. We need a place to come together to inspire each other, learn from each other, and (re-) discover ourselves. 


Why the name ‘Black Village’? Why now?

For a long time, conversations have pontificated about how we as a people need to come together. This is that coming togetherness. We have seen our people survive the worst conditions because they had each other, and also thrive and create in better conditions because they made their own (see: Tulsa and Black Wall Street; Seneca Village; Weeksville, Brooklyn; 1920’s Harlem Renaissance; 1970’s birth of Hip Hop in the Bronx, etc.). We need the spirits of these villages and collective movements, all bundled up in one place, one space, one vision. We need to discover who we really are, build our own, support each other, come together, vibe together, and joy together. We are working under a premise of helping each other. 

Birthed on the day of the Solar eclipse of 2017, it’s the perfect time to bring healing, rebirth, new perspectives, and reinvigoration – and to come together.  The solar eclipse, spiritually, is the perfect opportunity to look within and channel change into the universe. Everything goes dark for a solar eclipse, mimicking the conditions of a lotus, which closes its petals at night. When the light of the sun returns, we want the world to be a little different, with the Black Village emerging from the darkness with the light, like a lotus.


Why the blue lotus?

The blue lotus was one of the most important symbols in ancient Egypt, representing creation and rebirth. Thriving in dark, murky waters, one could say it grows where unexpected, retreating in the darkness of night, but blooming with the birth of each new sunlight, every day. This mimics the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete, and the black struggle to create and thrive in a society that keeps their opportunities in the dark, but still, like dust, we rise every day to thrive. So often the lineage of black Americans stops at slavery, and this is a constant reminder that we were kings and queens, full of history, regality, and promise, before that. It’s time to bring things full circle.


How can I/my brand collaborate?

We are always open to conversations, partnerships, collaborations, and creations with like-vibed events, creators, brands, investors, sponsors, and projects. Drop us an email and let’s start a conversation!